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Manicure  160.000VND
Spa Manicure  310.000VND
Pedicure  180.000VND
Spa Pedicure  360.000VND
Skin Removal  160.000VND
Changing Nails Color 84.000VND


 Women - Cut, Wash & Style  550.000VND
 Women - Wash & Style 380.000 VND
 Men - Cut, Wash & Style  380.000VND
 Men - Wash & Style  290.000VND
 Children (under 10) Cut   290.000VND
 Set Irons ( Rollers / Curl / Straighten )  380.000VND
 Updo’s ( standard )  550.000VND
Root Color  880.000-1.430.000VND
 Full Head Color 1.500.000-2.500.000VND
Semi Permanent Color  1.500.000-2.500.000VND
Full Highlights & Lowlights  1.650.000-2.500.000VND
 Half Highlights & Lowlights  1.480.000-2.100.000VND
Permanent wave  1.850.000-2.500.000VND
Straightening Hair Rebonding 1.850.000-2.500.000VND
Root Retouch  1.260.000 VND - 1.800.000 VND
Intensive Hair Treatment 550.000 VND - 770.000VND
3 Step deep treatment  990.000VND
Simple  850.000VND
Party  1.050.000VND
Eyelash Curl/Extensions  1.150.000VND

 photo 2

Manicure  160.000VND
Spa Manicure  310.000VND
Pedicure  180.000VND
Spa Pedicure  360.000VND
Skin Removal  160.000VND
Changing Nails Color 84.000VND
Neck & Shoulder 45 min 620.000VND
Neck, back &  shoulders. Perfect if you are short on time.
Deep Tissue Massage 60 min 730.000 VND
Soothing hand movements relieve stress and sore muscles.
Warm Stone Massage 60 820.000 VND
Experience invigoration with warm stones & chilled marble.
Q Special Body Massage 60 min 880.000VND
 A light & calming massage to detoxify & improve circulation.
Thai Massage 60 min 990.000 VND
 Thai massage techniques are used to help soothe sore muscles
Four Hands Massage
60 min
Our signature full body massage incorporating four hands.
Facial & Body Massage 90 min 1.430.000VND
Our smoothing massage coupled with a relaxing facial
Slimming Body Pack 60 min 1.430.000VND
Treat cellulite with seaweed extracts and essential oils.
Slimming Arms & Legs 60min 1.430.000VND
Salt Body Scrub 60min 820.000 VND
A super body polishing treatment to smooth the skin.
Mineral Mud Wrap 60min 930.000VND
Mineral rich mud heals and detoxifies, leaving your skin soft.
Essential Oil or Medicinal Herb Jacuzzi 30min 400.000VND
Essential Oil or Herbal Steam Bath 30min 400.000VND
 Refreshing Facial  45 min 620.000VND
 Our express facial designed to leave your skin feeling fresh.
 Q Special Facial Treatment  60 min 990.000VND
Acupressure & lymphatic drainage leaves your skin radiant.
 Skin Renewal Facial Treatment  60 min 1.300.000VND
Our balanced facial customized to your personal needs.
 Firming - Sensitivity Facial Treatment  75 min 1.450.000VND
A stimulating 2 in 1 Millet four phase treatment.
Vitamin Enriching Facial Treatmen 75 min 1.650.000VND
An essential caviar based anti-wrinkle/anti-aging facial.
Collagen Facial Treatment 75 min 1.870.000VND
Enjoy a cellular balancing masque for firmer looking skin.


Revitalize & Detoxifying Eye Treatment 45min 1.200.000VND
Perle de Caviar Neck Toning Treatment 45min 1.300.000VND
Reflexology Foot massage 60 min 470.000 VND
Reflexology is applied to stimulate nerve reflexes in the feet
Paraffin Foot Treatment 60 min 620.000 VND
Paraffin skin conditioning is employed to beautify the feet
Paraffin Hand Treatment 60 min 470.000 VND
Paraffin skin conditioning is employed to beautify the hands
Arm and Hand Massage 30 min 180.000 VND
Neck, Shoulder and Head Massage 30 min 400.000 VND
Full leg 930.000VND
Half leg 710.000VND
Underarm  270.000VND
Full arm  600.000VND
Half arm  380.000VND
Bikini  770.000VND
Upper lip  160.000VND
Eyebrow  180.000VND
Upper leg & Bikini  1.210.000VND
Back  770.000VND
Chin  270.000VND
Marine Youth Protection 60min 2.415.000VND
The most dramatic results for stressed, fatigued skin. This intensive facial re-news, re-charges and re-builds the skin.
Swiss Celluar Anti-ageing 80min 3.150.000VND
Skin instantly firmed, affording it more perfect tone & texture. Caviar pearls & a Caviar-infused face massage transform even the dullest complexions into radiant, luminous skin.
Pure Gold Radiance Facial 90min 4.500.000VND
The pure golden drops of Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold help to lift, firm, brighten & energize .Gentle heat & the selected masks help to enhance the penetration of precious Pure Gold serum, making the skin look smoother, feel luscious & vibrantly alive.
Eyes Treatment 45min 1.900.000VND
Neck Treatment 45min 2.415.000VND
Platinum Serum Treatment 30min 1.580.000VND