Neck & Shoulder 45 min 620.000VND
Neck, back &  shoulders. Perfect if you are short on time.
Thai Massage 60 min 990.000VND
Thai massage techniques are used to help soothe sore muscles
Deep Tissue Massage 60 min 730.000VND
Soothing hand movements relieve stress and sore muscles.
Medicinal Herb With Mask 75 min 880.000VND
Warm Stone Massage 60 min 820.000VND
Experience invigoration with warm stones & chilled marble.
Four Hands Massage
60 min
Our signature full body massage incorporating four hands.
Q Special Body Massage 60 min 880.000VND
A light & calming massage to detoxify & improve circulation.
Facial & Body Massage 90 min 1.430.000VND
Our smoothing massage coupled with a relaxing facial