Womens, Cut, Wash & Syle Services
Mens, Cut, Wash & Style Services
Children (under 10) Cut Services
Highlights & Lowlights 1.430.000-2.100.000VND
 Highlights & Lowlights 1.100.000-1.650.000VND
880.000 - 1.320.000
550.000VND - 770.000VND

Móng tay

Cắt móng tay 160.000VND
Chăm sóc Móng tay va massage tay 310.000vnd
Móng chân 180.000VND
Chăm sóc chân va massage 360.000VND
massgage Cổ & Vai
45 min
Neck, Back &  Shoulders. Perfect if you are short on time.
Thái massage
60 min
Thai massage techniques are used to help soothe sore muscles
Massage an huyet 
60 min
Soothing hand movements relieve stress and sore muscles.
Massage voi thao duoc
60 min
A light, soothing massage to detoxify and improve circulation.
Massage đá nong
60 min
Experience invigoration with warm stones & chilled marble.
Massage bốn tay va da nong 
60 min
Our signature full body massage incorporating four hands.
Qspa dieu tri va thu gian
60 min
A calming massage coupled with a relaxing facial.
Massage toan than va mat
90 min
Our smoothing massage coupled with a relaxing facial

Gói giảm béo cho cơ thể 75 min 1.430.000VND
Treat cellulite with seaweed extracts and essential oils.
Dùng muối mắt-xa cơ thể 60min 820.000VND
A super body polishing treatment to smooth the skin.
Dùng gạo Balan 60min 820.000VND
A gentle exfoliating scrub suitable for the most sensitive skin.
Gói dùng khoáng bùn 60min 930.000VND
Mineral rich mud heals and detoxifies, leaving your skin soft.
essential oil jaccuzzi 30 min 350.000 VND
essential oil or herb steam bath 30min 350.000VND

BODY – Treatments

Slimming Body Pack 75 min

Seaweed extracts, essential oils and herbal concentrates act to re-mineralize the vascular and lymphatic systems, providing a highly effective treatment against cellulite. The high iodine content of this pack also helps to stimulate the metabolism, encouraging detoxification and aiding weight reduction.  1.430.000 vmd

Salt Body Scrub 60 min

A super body polishing treatment, using freshly ground salts with aromatherapy oils to re-mineralize and smooth the skin. A lotion massage follows, leaving your skin as soft and smooth as velvet. 820.000 vnd

Rice Body Polish 60 min

A gentle exfoliating scrub suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Applied with calming essential oils, followed by a soothing lotion massage. 820.000 vnd

Papaya Body Wrap 60 min

Minimizes skin irritations and allergies caused by sunburn. Maintains your skins natural moisture balance. Keeps your skin firm, soft and smooth while preventing drying and wrinkling. This treatment gently massages natural aloe vera into your skin. A cotton aloe-vera wrap is left for a further 20 minutes to revitalize your skin. Arise delighted with a radiant body feeling soft, silky and smooth.  930.000 vnd

Mineral Mud Wrap 60 min

Mineral rich mud heals and detoxifies, leaving your skin soft and your body refreshed and invigorated. In addition to being a superb body beautifier, also aids In the reduction of cellulite. 930.000 vnd.

Essential Oils Jacuzzi 30 min 350.000 vnd

Essential Oils Steam Bath 30 min 350.000 vnd

Herbal Steam Bath 30 min 350.000 vnd

Refreshing Facial 45 min 620.000VND
Our express facial designed to leave your skin feeling fresh.
Trị liệu da mặt đặc biệt của QSpa 60 min 990.000VND
Acupressure & lymphatic drainage leaves your skin radiant.
Skin Renewal Facial Treatment 60 min 1.300.000VND
Our balanced facial customized to your personal needs.
Trị liệu làm săn chắc da  75 min 1.450.000VND
A stimulating 2 in 1 Millet four phase treatment.
Trị liệu da mặt với Vitamin 75 min 1.650.000VND
An essential caviar based anti-wrinkle/anti-aging facial.
Trị liệu da mặt dùng Collagen 75 min 1.870.000VND
Enjoy a cellular balancing masque for firmer looking skin.


Làm tươi và giải độc mắt 60min 1.060.000VND
Trị liệu lằm săn chắc da ở cổ 45min 1.150.000VND
Trị liệu Vitamin cho mắt 45min 1.170.000VND


Refreshing Facial 30 min

When time is precious but you feel the need to refresh and brighten your skin, Our express facial cleanses and exfoliates nourishes and moisturizes, leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh, soft and bright.  $20

Skin Purifying Facial 60 min

Starting with a deep cleanse and gentle exfoliation then a facial steam to soften the pores for necessary extractions, A mineral-rich purifying mask is applied which completes the treatment, leaving you with a translucent glow of soft, healthy skin.  $35

Q Special Facial 60 min

Suitable for all skin types, this deep cleansing, relaxing aromatherapy facial, refines, purifies and hydrates. Aromatherapy is combined with acupressure massage, lymphatic drainage, and head massage to clear the mind and leave skin feeling radiant and moisturized.  $35

Skin Renewal Facial 60 min

Customized to individual needs, such as aging skin, skin impurities, and sensitive skin, the Renewal Facial Is a completely revitalizing treatment utilizing pure plant and flower essence to maintain the health and integrity of your skin. This facial includes a through consultation with deep cleansing and skin condition balancing.  $45

Firming, Sensitivity Facial 75 min

This Ingrid Millet facial is a four phase treatment program: Purifying, Stimulating, Protection controlling & Lightening Beauty. Returning the skin to extreme purity and clarity through the use of 17% Vitamin C extracted from the Acerola cherry of South America Recover flawless and naturally lighter skin. Applicable for all skin types leaving you with a sensational result after just the first treatment.  $50

Vitamin Enriching Facial 75 min

Caviar Anti Wrinkle - Aging Treatment Perfect for dry, sun damaged or mature skin Perte De Caviar facial treatments use a high concentration of botanicals and multi-vitamins, which increase elasticity, promotes collagen synthesis, and restores skin strength and Integrity. The Caviar extract, which is 20 times richer than cells, contains all the properties essential for a youthful skin. This regenerating treatment with 42 % Caviar complex has a strong anti aging properties and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, while at the same time protects against free radicals and reinforces the skins natural defenses. $65

Collagen Facial 75 min

This facial restores the natural balance of vitamins and minerals to the skin and provides the ultimate luxury by using a cellular balancing masque leaving your skin looking firmer, younger and more luminous.  $75

Revitalize & Detoxifying Eye Treatment 60 min

The Ingrid Millet Unique skin care treatment using 3 levels of mask. This special formulated eye treatment package will remove the signs of dark Circles, puffy eyes, wrinkle and stimulates the blood circulation while leaving your eyes rested, silky smooth, refreshing and radiant once more. $48

Perle de Caviar Neck toning Treatment 45 min


Vitamin eye treatment 45 min

Reflexology Foot Massage 60 min 470.000VND
Reflexology is applied to stimulate nerve reflexes in the feet
Paraffin Foot Treatment 60 min 620.000VND
Paraffin skin conditioning is employed to beautify the feet
Paraffin Hand Treatment 60 min 470.000VND
Paraffin skin conditioning is employed to beautify the hands
Mát-xa vai và tay 30 min 180.000VND
Mát-xa cổ, vai và đầu 30 min 400.000VND

Toàn chân 930.000VND
Nửa chân 710.000VND
Nách 270.000VND
Hết tay 600.000VND
Nửa tay 380.000VND
Bikini 770.000VND
Môi trên 160.000VND
Lông mày 180.000VND
Chân và Bikini 1.210.000VND
Lưng 770.000VND
Cằm 270.000VND
Marine Youth Protection 60min 2.415.000VND
The most dramatic results for stressed, fatigued skin. This intensive facial re-news, re-charges and re-builds the skin.
Swiss Celluar Anti-ageing 80min 3.150.000VND
Skin instantly firmed, affording it more perfect tone & texture. Caviar pearls & a Caviar-infused face massage transform even the dullest complexions into radiant, luminous skin.
Pure Gold Radiance Facial 90min 4.500.000VND
The pure golden drops of Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold help to lift, firm, brighten & energize .Gentle heat & the selected masks help to enhance the penetration of precious Pure Gold serum, making the skin look smoother, feel luscious & vibrantly alive.
Eyes Treatment 45min 1.900.000VND
Neck Treatment 45min 2.415.000VND
Platinum Serum Treatment 30min 1.580.000VND